About the company

  • Basis year — 2006.
  • Specialization — installation and thermal protection equipment, fastgrowing buildings and constructions, anticorrosive clearing; sale and thermal protection manufacture.
  • The company possesses long-term experience on granting of the services set forth above.
  • Isolated more than 50 000 m. pipelines and 10 000 m2 the process equipment at the enterprises of cities of Ukraine.

Mission / the Policy

  • Granting to customers of products of the maximum quality and with the maximum set of additional services.
  • Not to be simple the supplier of building materials, and the supplier of the best decisions for our clients. To give technical and consulting support, to offer innovative decisions and materials.

The quality  assurance.

  • The Monitoring system of quality of raw materials and components.
  • Performance of works with use of the modern equipment and the best tools.
  • Stage-by-stage quality assurance of the executed works.
  • Annual audit


  • Delivery of materials within days after the order.
  • Carrying out heating technician and budget calculations.
  • Examination of design decisions.
  • Calculation of integrated approach of works.
  • Selection of optimum decisions taking into account requirements of the customer.

Our clients: